Making others important makes you important.


The questions are in the complicated things; the answers are in the simple things.

It’s not about what they do, but what I do.

If you pray for acceptance rather than outcomes, you will never be disappointed.

BeMeBetter Radio Show, May 21, 2011 – “Doing Something vs. Doing Nothing” Seg.2

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Pursuing the passion with passion.

A vital aspect of living a happy and fulfilled life is doing those things in life which we are passionate about. This should include both our career and personal life. In other words, our job or business should involve something we believe in and feel good about doing, not just something we do for money. Likewise, we should do things in our personal lives that have real meaning for us, no matter what anyone else thinks about it. What are your passions? Do you love music? Humanitarian work? Training animals? Whatever it is, I strongly encourage you to pursue those things in life which have the most meaning for you. Beyond that, however, is what I call pursuing the passion with passion. What I mean by this is that if we really want something to become part of our life, we must not only be passionate about it, we must be passionate in working to make it a reality. Part of this could be announcing to anyone and everyone what it is we are pursuing. This declaration of what we intend to do helps set the wheels in motion, and in some ways, sort of holds us accountable for putting forth the effort to achieve that which we’ve announced to people. Another way to pursue the passion with passion is to be an enthusiastic promoter of our project. Enthusiasm is contagious, and if we’re overflowing with enthusiasm, we are much more likely to create¬† that alignment with the right people and circumstances to make things happen as we would like. Consider these two statements someone might make to a friend. 1. “I really would like to start my own art gallery, and I hope I can do it.” 2. “Hey, I’ve decided I’m going to open my own art gallery, no matter what it takes, and if you have any ideas which could help me, or know of anyone I might connect with that would help make this possible. would you please share that information with me?” Now, which statement has more passion, and which is more likely to bring about some assistance in making the art gallery a reality? Obviously, the second one. Finally, and most important of all, when you think about pursuing the passion with passion, understand that every step along the way to achieving a goal should be equally rewarding, including the step when you reach it. Don’t overlook all the wonderful experiences to be relished along the way. As you work on your passion, let there be a “fire in your belly”. If there is, you will get all the fulfillment out of the experience that it is meant to bring you. Life is all about pursuing your passions, so go pursue your passions. Jus make sure to do it with passion!

The Rocks Belong on the Trail, Part 2.

My last blog was about how difficulties and challenges are a natural part of our lives, and how we can view them as opportunities for growth if we so choose. Well, I was discussing this point just last night with some friends, and had used the “Rocks belong on the trail” metaphor. One of the people I was with had a variation on the theme that was quite interesting to me. They said “You know, at times in my life, it seems that when the trail is smooth, I have to go and somehow find rocks to put on the trail, then I struggle to get around them.” Another friend said, “Yeah, I’ve done that too, and usually the rocks I put in the trail are a lot tougher to negotiate than the ones that are there naturally.” These are very insightful observations. Why is it that some people do go out of their way to find rocks to put on the trail, and then have to find a way around them? Have you ever done this? Do you still do it? If you answered yes to either of these questions, I encourage you to take a look at that behavior. I know that there was once a time in my life when I did this, and I believe that it was because I actually feared success. I would have told you that I feared failure, but my actions said just the opposite. I also now realize that the reason I feared success is because I had low self-esteem, and didn’t consider myself worthy of success. I’m not saying that’s necessarily true for anyone else. However, it certainly was for me. That’s not the case today, and I believe that we are all worthy of success. So, the rocks DO belong in the trail and we can be grateful for them and for the opportunity to grow in the process of negotiating them. However, we don’t have to go looking for rocks to put on the trail. We can simply enjoy the smooth trail, and know that we are worthy of it.